About the author

about the author

David Petty is a science graduate. He has created many origami models and contributed to exhibitions around the world. He has taught origami in many countries. His work can be found in several books.

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Books :
His Models and Diagrams

Paper People and Other Pointers, BOS publication

Modular Constructions and Twists, BOS publication

Making Faces, BOS publication

Unit Origami , OSN publication (OSN = Origami Societeit Nederland, so Dutch text, but colour photos )

Hearts 3D, private publication (No 3 in a series in conjunction with Francis Ow)

Origami Wreaths & Rings, Zenagraf US , ISBN 0-9627254-1-2

Now available $19.95 picture of Wreaths & Rings cover

His Diagrams

The Genius of Jan Willem Derksen, BOS publication

The Origami of Stephen Palmer, BOS publication

Sink or Swim with Ted Norminton, BOS publication

Petal Folds and More by Ted Norminton, BOS publication

His Models

Origamido: master works of paper folding by Michael G LaFosse, published by Rockport, has photos of wreath models.
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picture of Origami : paper projects to delight and amaze cover
picture of Origami 1-2-3 cover
picture of Canadian cover picture of Estonian edition cover picture of Croatian edition cover picture of Polish edition cover
"Origami : paper projects to delight and amaze" by David Petty,
UK edition published by D & S Books 2000 hardback ISBN 1903327083.
US editions "Origami 1-2-3" published by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN 0806975733 (2001 hardback) & ISBN 0806955112 (2002 paperback).
The model contents are the SAME in both editions. Only few words were Americanised in the later edition. All photograph instructions, more than 60 models. Contains many of the traditional models and DP models from this site + lots more.
"Origami" French Canadian edition Modus Vivendi 2003 hardback ISBN289523132X
"Origami : huvitav ja tore voltimist÷÷" Estonian edition Koolibri 2004 paperback ISBN 9985014243.
"Origami : modeli od papira koji ?e vas razveseliti i zadiviti" Croatian edition ?korpion 2002 hardback ISBN 9536405547.
"Origami : papierowe modele zachwycaj? i bawi?" Polish edition Skarbnica Wiedzy 2005 paperback ISBN 8392154231.
Model contents same in ALL editions.

cover pic origami A-B-C

"Origami A-B-C" US edition published by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN 1402735634 (2006 hardback)

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