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Model(s) of the Month a growing collection of traditional models with visual directory
DP modular work crane rings
More modular Wreaths and Rings celtic motif, modular rings, celtic garland
DP pleated work pinecone, pineapple
DP people origami samurai, origamist in his hat, pagemarker base
$ heartbeat dollar action model
dice series modular pieces - dice, fuzzy cube, knobbly cube, decorated Menger's sponge
bucky series modular pieces - ball, giant ball, bolster, truncated cube etc.......
Animated pencil traditional model
Special Guest Folder(s) Work NEW section
Dave's down loads : all the diagrams from this site in byte-sized chunks

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The following model, previously unpublished, has been added since the site was archived at the request of Lilian Petty

Rocking Santa