ray traced origami

What is ray-tracing?

A ray-tracer simulates the firing of light rays into a scene and outputs the result as pixels, varying the result dependent on whether an object is encountered, the object's shape, colour and texture, distance in the scene and shadow. Boring definition, but spectacular results.

Ray-traced origami


Title :Model, reflection and shadow.


Model is the traditional Spanish Pajarita "= Little Bird"



Technical details : original built in sPatch v1.51, exported to Moray v3.01, rendered in POV-Ray v3.02



Title : Flight of Cranes


Model : traditional Japanese Crane


Technical details : original built in sPatch v1.50, exported to Moray v3.0, rendered in POV-Ray v3.01

The 3D modelling of origami pushes the modellers to the edge. None of the programs were designed for this task. Models formed from paper have depth but the paper has lots of surface, but virtually no thickness.

Fun Stuff - spoof ads


Lovely wrapping paper!
Fancy a drink?
Don't knock the rock!
For those who believe this is all there is to origami

These spoof ad images were built entirely within POV-Ray. The originals are far superior to the anaemic files presented here.
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