The Impossible Dollar Connection


folded by Andrew Hans, U.S.A.

I am very pleased to be able to show this Dollar Bill version of Umulius Rectangulum. It is folded by Andrew Hans, U.S.A. and it very interesting for me to see that the format of the Dollar Bill is very suitable for this model. It also indicates this square tube dollar bill fold can be used to make a construction kit, consisting of corners and tubes joined in many different ways.

So get some real fun out of your money.

After having explained to Mr. Andrew Hans, that the word Umulius is a Danish-Latin form of an impossibility or an impossible person, he was kind enough to send me another picture of his bill folds using the so-called knee-operation to form what he aptly has titled: "Umulius Quadratum".

The Pictures are made by Andrew Hans with a digital camera Olympus D220-L.

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