I leave in the old picture of the 2001 Calendar because I have not yet made the 2003.

This  Calendar is made from the Rhombic A4-Unit designed by  
Nick Robinson of England  The Idea to use it for a calendar
is originally by Humiaki Huzita of Italy, he told me he had 
trouble fitting the Text slanted properly to fit into the 
Rhombic area, It has now been worked out by 
the marvelous Canadian Cartoonist Lar de Souza. 
You can find his 12 new Calendar faces for the year 2003 here.
or those who do not get along with pdfs, 
the gif file versions are in a zip file you can grab at:




It is up to you to choose either 3 colors and get 4 rings around the calendar or use 4 colors so the months can be groups in the colors of the four seasons

Updated 7. November 2002  

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