Tommy Stevens has a miniature of this one on his Gallery 4
Design and Diagram Thoki Yenn
The picture to the right, is of the actual precreased paper in the situation seen in the drawing to the right at the top of the following diagram. It is simply a repeating of the last move in the above diagram, to teach the paper where to go when this triangle is used as an inside lock, shown here to the right as if it is on the outside.-

You repeat it in the middle of the other 3 edges as indicated by the 3strokes on the arrow.

When all the crease in all the 4 corners has been corrected, sharp and precise then start by pushingdown at the point where the small arrows between the 2 A's meet.

Reach in on the other side of the paper and hold the fold together that forms the two triangles, as show and continue with other 3 corners.

Then reach inside and turn down the triangular lock. And complete the model.

updated 26. August 1999
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