This Addition Explanation to the point 19 of

The Diagram by Scott Cramer

of the Flip - Flop by Thoki Yenn

was made by Russell Sutherland, picture by Tommy Stevens.

More about step 19 by Alfredo from Madrid




BLUE= valley RED= mountain The pic was taken in mid-swivel/squash fold. The cubic portion in the middle part of the model swivels to the left and tucks in nicely to the overlapping inverted "V" (formed by squashfolding the bottom layer) while the paper to the right is spread flat and sandwiched into the "V." Note the places indicated on the diagrams to push in ... there are 3 points. If done correctly, the paper "folds itself" when pressing on the indicated areas. **NOTE** it would be nice to have 5 hands for this maneuver. Once you get step 19, there is a similar swivel/squash in step 22. I found the one in 19 to be somewhat more difficult ... had to fiddle with it quite a while. Good luck ... hope this helps. Russell DARE TO FOLD!!!!!!


updated 16. August 2000.

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