Handkerchief Mouse from my Childhood
A New Years present to Children of all ages.

Fold the handkerchief into a triangle, fold in the points overlapping a bit, roll it up leaving about 2 inches, turn over
Fold in the ends. fold the top point over and in behind the folded ends, then roll both parts inwards until the snips emerge
Open out one end and tie a knot to form head with ears.

Perform by placing mouse in your half closed left hand just like Kalmon, so that the fingertips rest at the end of the body, leaving the tail free. Move your right hand as if you are petting the mouse. When your your right hand cover the fingertips, close your left hand with a quick flip, and the mouse will jump up your arm, catch it and go on petting it. Any child of any age will be delighted.

I have great fun playing with this hanky mouse.

updated 30. December 2000

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