Professor Kapok and Mechanick Nick

Balloon-traveling Puppets

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The name of the T.V. series was originally Balloon-traveling Puppets. The program was shot in black and white 16 mm film in the early sixties and became very popular. 26 half hour films were made for the Danish TV Children's Program.

updated 10. February 2000
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Sad memories from the attempt to revive The TV. Series: Professor Kapok and Mechanic Nick.

Nearly the whole year of 1997 was spent at Video Bornholm. The beautiful sunshine island in the Baltic Sea. We tried to work them into computer animation but it did not work out. The figures has to be constructed in the programs one will use. So we wait.

Instead we did a Video, titled "Origami & Kirigami from the Archives of Thoki Yenn."