More about Flip Flop

Thoki Yenn found this little geometrical toy as a cut out and glue model in MATHEMATICAL CURIOSITIES by Gerald Jenkins and Anne Wild. Tarquin Publications, UK. He made an Origami model in two pieces and was challenged by the remark by John Cunliffe of ELFA fame: “If you can make it in two pieces, you should be able to make it in one piece !”. He spent a week in his hotel room in London working out a one piece solution more than ten years ago, but never managed to create a proper diagrams for it.

Thanks to Scott Cramer and Tommy Stevens of the US of A, you now have this marvelous toy. The old Geezer tried for years to make diagrams for it, but he couldn't even follow his own instructions. Then last year he sent it to Tommy who reverse engineered it, and he again sent it on to Scott who also reverse engineered it and made these drawings. Tommy cleaned up text and things so they got the proper format. Please let me know if you try to fold this, and actually make it flop flat when you press it and flip it up on the edge and flatten flop it in that direction too, then you will have nice flip-flopping parallelepipeds.

updated 1. August 2000

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