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               B.O.S. BOOKLET NO. 13 
                          First published April 1985 
                            (C)  COPYRIGHT 1985 
                                 THOKI YENN 
                    Special A4 Edition September 1987 
                            (C) COPYRIGHT 1987 
                                 THOKI YENN 
                    This is a special Internet Edition 
                            No Copyright 2000 
              I want to thank the following persons - 
              In the order that I met them - for the 
              Inspiration and support they have given 
              me in my folding efforts. 
        Lillian Oppenheimer, Robert Harbin, Mick Guy, 
        John Cunliffe, Eric Kenneway, Roberto Morassi, 
       Michael Palmgren, Dave Brill, Ray Bolt, David Lister, 
       Paul Jackson, Wayne Brown, 
       Yoshihide Momotani Sensel, Dokuotal Nakano Sensel, 
       Chuzo Fujimoto Sensel. 
                                 THOKI YENN 
                        This edition is scanned with 
                        AGFA SNAPSCAN 310 
                        OCR OMNI PAGE 
                        from photo copies of 
                        the original manuscript. 
                        Edited and corrected on 
                        PC BOSTON BUSINESS 
                        in Microsoft Publisher 2.0, 
                        Corel PHOTO PAINT 5.0, 
                        printed on Canon BJ-20 
                            by Thoki Yenn 2000 
                                     e-mail: thok@thok.dk
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