The story behind before the Big Bang

Kasahara has illustrated this story in "Origami ohne Grenzen"

together with the method of making it.

          This is a qoute taken from the lecture  “Origami and Insanity”, page 105 
in the proceedings of the first International Meeting of Origami Science 
and Technology, held in  Farrara Italy in December 1989:  
A perhaps wild hypothesis: I suggest that it might have something to do 
with the contraction of space as illustrated by the circular version of the  
I will tell a PARABLE that I have found in one of the recordings in my 
subconscious mind. 
	Once upon a NO-TIME when there was only NOTHINGNESS, someone 
stole the centre of this NOTHINGNESS, and then it could do NOTHING else 
but contract into this missing middle.   
	This contraction formed a very tight ball of finely folded circles where 
the edges repeatedly whirled through the hole in the middle and formed a 
tighter and tighter twisted spirals with opposing polarities being generated by 
rubbing of the folds of nothingness against nabouring folds of nothingness, 
and free-floating life-units thought that this was so interesting that they got 
sucked in by their very “inter esse”. 
	This was the contraction before the so-called BIG BANG, which is 
considered to be the start of it all, but in my opinion it is rather late on the 
	This BIG BANG  was the result of a critical mass of contracted 
NOTHINGNESS exploding by Awareness units entering into it.  
	The copying is done by the opposite charges attracting each other and 
then later splitting when the charges are equalized and then picking up new 
To my amazement I find this a rather plausible story of the Origin of the DNA 
Molecule and the present UNIVERSE. 
	 As plausible as any other that I know of. 

How to make the Circular model of Before the Big Bang is also in the VIDEO


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