Fish from Ticker tape
Two pieces of about 60 cm. long, plus a short tailpiece ca. 30 cm. long. Only the length necessary is shown,
The one-piece tail is my own private addition to this traditional fish. TA DAH
1) Down between and up in front
2) over and under, behind and through loop
3) Tighten up a bit.

4) Front end curve down in front of far end and behind lower end. Other end through loop just formed and over far end.

5) Lower right end loop up and down through horizontal loop. Far end through loop, also through the loop just formed by the other red line end.
6) Tighten all ends and loops very carefully and the fish body is finished. Trim the fins and press the head end flat to form a neat little mouth.
Tail in one piece - Two could easily slip out.
Go to KNOTOLOGY on the Website of Gerard and Paula in Holland
Curve the point in the tailpiece to ease the fishing the point out and directing it out the far side under the front fin and under the last square on the back
Updated 25. January 2001

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