Curriculum Vitae Of My Puppet Thok

Thok 19 to Thok 99 (wake him up)

Click on his name in Japanese if you want to wake him up ?

This is how I taught Thok 85 to write his name after a Japanese friend Imamura Miki Sama had chosen for me these two beautiful Characters. There is some peculiar coincidences along with this name. In Japanese the sign for the Thoki is "toki bird" the rare bird the crested ibis, which is a kind of crane, that is now extinct in Japan, and the "en" sign means garden or farm, and this rare Danish Thoki bird now lives in a place called "Tranehavegaard" which translated into English means "crane garden farm" - so you see his name is his address.

photo by Paulo Mulatinho


Photo Luiza Atzeri 

Thok 91 when he announced his wish to start a society of paper folders in Denmark, and that was the start of "Dansk Origami Center of 13 Jan. 91 - it only survived 3 years because the poor guy is no good at organizing anything, just look at his face and what do you see? - I see a confused old man who does not know how to sell himself and arrange for a proper income for a guy with his talents. Sad Sad Sad.

Click his glasses to wake him up

There is a lot more to come, but first I have to dig it out of the poor guy's subconscious, and edit it heavily

updated 15. August 2000

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